Anand Ahuja praises Sonam Kapoor’s commitment as a mom-She makes sure our son gets all the love

Anand Ahuja, husband of Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor, recently expressed his admiration for his wife’s dedication as a mother in a heartfelt Instagram post. As Mother’s Day was celebrated in March in the UK, Anand took the opportunity to praise Sonam for her tireless commitment to their son Vayu. In his post, Anand candidly admitted that emotional and social awareness was not one of his strengths, and that it took seeing Sonam’s incredible efforts to fully appreciate the selflessness and devotion required to be a full-time mom.

Anand also reflected on the challenges of motherhood in the modern age, where the immediate reward systems often override the need for sustained effort and patience. He praised Sonam for taking on the responsibilities of being a daughter, sister, wife, and mother, and for ensuring that Vayu receives all the love, knowledge, and blessings he needs to grow into a unique individual with the strengths of their family heritage and without the burden of any expectations.

Sonam was moved by Anand’s touching words and expressed her love and gratitude in the comments section. Anil Kapoor, Sonam’s father, also agreed with his son-in-law’s sentiments, and other friends and family members joined in to send their love and appreciation to the happy couple.

Sonam and Anand got married in 2018 after dating for a few years and welcomed their son Vayu into the world in 2022. They currently live in London, but Sonam regularly travels to India for work. Her upcoming film, Blind, is highly anticipated by her fans and is set to be released soon.

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