e-SIM supported Vivo Watch 3 with long battery life

Compared to its predecessor, the wearable Vivo Watch 3 is more slender. To operate the interface and other features, it contains a physical button on the bottom right and a revolving stainless steel wheel on top. It has a 1.43-inch circular 3D curved glass display panel (466×466 pixels). The ‘Always On Display’ (AOD) mode is supported by this monitor.

There are several fitness and health functions available on this wearable from the Vivo brand. It contains a blood oxygen (SpO2) sensor and a heart-rate monitor. As soon as anomalies are found in the user’s body, these features will notify users. In addition, the gadget can measure menstrual cycle, stress, and sleep. With personalized fitness regimens, it provides over 100 workout options. High-level noise may also be detected by the Vivo Watch 3.

Based on the company’s proprietary Rust programming language, it operates on the BlueOS operating system. As a result, the Vivo Watch 3 will provide the user access to additional features including camera control and NFC vehicle keys. True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds work with it. The ability to keep bank card information on this timepiece allows users to make payments by just swiping through it.

In this instance, the QR code is also shown on the screen. Additionally, e-SIM is supported by this new Vivo wristwatch for hands-free voice calls. It will have 4 GB of storage and 64 MB of RAM. The 505mAh battery included with the Vivo Watch 3 is rated to provide 16 days of battery life after a full charge. It won’t sustain harm even after being submerged up to five meters because it is water-resistant.

There are two connection options for the Vivo Watch 3. while the E-SIM model with a leather band is priced at 1,399 Yuan, or around Rs. 15,900. The identical variant’s rubber strap model costs 1,299 Yuan, or around Rs. 14,900. However, the prices of the Bluetooth models with rubber and leather straps are 1,099 Yuan (about Tk 12,500) and 1,199 Yuan (around Tk 13,700), respectively. Chen Yewei, Moonlight White, Starlight, and Bright Moon are the hues that are offered.

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