Rani Mukerji’s film doesn’t depict our family values, says Norway Embassy 5 points

The release of the Bollywood film ‘Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway’ has once again brought the spotlight on the 2011 Abhigyan-Aishwarya custody battle case. The Norwegian Embassy in India has clarified its stance on the case and refuted the allegations of discrimination based on cultural differences. The embassy has maintained that the case was resolved a decade ago in cooperation with Indian authorities and all parties involved had agreed to it.

The embassy has also stated that the movie is fictional and does not represent the true beliefs and values of Norway. It has further mentioned that Norway respects different cultures and practices and children will never be taken away from their families based on cultural differences.

In addition, the embassy has emphasized that child welfare in Norway is not driven by profit and that placing children in alternative care is a matter of responsibility and not a money-making entity. This response came in the wake of allegations that the more children put into the foster system, the more money is made.

The Abhigyan-Aishwarya case had caused much controversy and debate when the Norwegian authorities placed the couple’s two children in foster care, alleging an emotional disconnect between the parents and the children. The case had received widespread media coverage and had sparked outrage among the Indian community.

The movie’s release has once again reignited the debate around the case and brought the issue of cultural differences and child welfare to the forefront. While the embassy has maintained that the case was resolved a decade ago, it remains to be seen how the release of the film will impact public opinion on the matte

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